Contractor SEO

We Use Data to Improve SEO Results for Contractors

We use data to improve our clients’ SEO results.

We build every client a marketing dashboard.  They have access to it 24/7/365.  We are totally transparent.  We include data from Google, lead and sales data and more.  When it comes to SEO we identify and target “the most valuable searches” for our clients.  In order to do this we research what people are searching for.  The trick is to identify the searches where the people have the intent of hiring a contractor.  Once these “most valuable searches” are determined we focus on ranking you high, organically, for these searches.  We do a competitor analysis of how you rank for these searches vs your competitors.  We incorporate data in your dashboard so you can see how you are improving.  We use this data on a keyword by keyword basis to make improvements.  We track everything in your dashboard.

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Not Your Ordinary Contractor SEO

There are some things that we do which are unique to us.  In fact, our SEO strategy for our contractor clients is very unique.  We will explain some of the key points that make use unique.

1. Real, Measurable Results for Contractors

We do not simply send you monthly reports from Google Analytics.  Remember, we have our own dashboard and it includes very specific data that we are tracking in order to create SEO improvements for you.  In our dashboard you can track leads generated as well as your rankings for the most valuable searches.

2.  We Don’t Manage PPC Ads for Contractors

We have been 100% successful in completely eliminating the need for PPC ads for our clients.  One of our clients has saved over $500k by not having to waste money on PPC ads.  If you are going to hire an SEO agency don’t you want them to be so effective at SEO that they do not need to run ads?  That’s what we think.  Our SEO strategy allows us to do just that.

3.  Target the “Most Valuable Searches” Organically

We do not simply look for the most popular searches to target.  We have developed a strategy that has worked for many contractors.  It revolves around us researching and identifying what we call the “most valuable searches”.  These are the searches which are done by people who are more likely to have the intent to hire a contractor.  By focusing on people with the intent to hire a contractor this leads to more leads, better leads, as well as sales with higher average revenue per sale.  These are people who are finding you, a contractor, on their terms, being doing their search.

Let’s discuss how we can leverage your data!

Our data-driven approach and your data can have a positive impact on your business.

Data is now the most valuable resource in the world.  It is only valuable to contractors if they understand how to get the most out of their data.  That is where we come in.  We help contractors leverage data to give them a competitive advantage over their competitors.  

SEO Can Generate More High-Quality Leads

As we use data in your dashboard to visualize the value of your various marketing channels and we optimize your channels you will see that the quality of the traffic to your website will increase.  You will receive more organic traffic which is more likely to convert into a lead.  Many of our clients, when they first come to us, are running online ads.  In every single instance, our clients are able to eliminate these ads saving them $3k to $10k per month (real numbers)!

SEO Can Increase Your Sales

The quality of all leads are not the same.  That is why we need to focus on increasing your organic exposure.  The quality of traffic to your website will improve as we drive more people to your website, organically.  As your leads increase so will your sales.  This is because of the higher quality of the leads!  One of our clients increased their revenue in the first 2 weeks of 2019 surpassing all of their revenue in 2018!

Data Specifically for Contractors

This data helps us target people searching for your type of business, locally & organically.

We build each of our clients their own custom marketing dashboard.

We use the data in their dashboard to make SEO improvements, track the results and implement further changes.

Contractor SEO – Visual Competitive Analysis

Our SEO strategy for contractors revolves around achieving high organic rankings for the most valuable searches for each contractor’s business.  You need to understand how you rank for the most valuable searches vs your competitors.  We include data in our client dashboard that sheds some light on this.  Our contractor clients can look at the data and see how we are doing and we use the data to make constant improvements to their SEO.

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Contractor SEO – Outranking Your Competitors

After we have researched and determined the most valuable searches for a contractor we collect and provide visualizations to make the data useful.  It is useful to our contractor clients in that they can see how their website rankings vs their competitors.  We even break down the rankings for each individual search term so we can make improvements for each of the most valuable searches.

Contractor SEO FAQ

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It is the process of making improvements to your website so that you show up when people are searching using a search engine.

Does SEO require the use of PPC ads?

No it does not.  In fact, it is our belief that by using our SEO strategy for contractors that we are able to eliminate the need for PPC ads because of the effectiveness of our tactics.

Is SEO for contractors expensive?

It is impossible to provide complete details on the cost of SEO for contractors here.  Typically our services run between $3,000 – $4,000 per month with a 12-month contract.  Depending upon your circumstances this could vary.  We do include all of the services that we need to provide in order to achieve great SEO results.

Does it take long for contractors to see results from SEO?

SEO is not something that is just done once and you receive results.  In order to achieve the best SEO results for contractors we know that effective SEO involves making constant improvements.  We use our dashboard to measure the results of what we do so that we can make further improvements.  Typically our contractor clients start to see results within the first two months.  In fact, as soon as we are done with our initial website changes we notify the search engines so they can start indexing your website.

How does JPI track SEO success for contractors?

We track our clients’ SEO successes in their dashboard.  We provide our clients with access so they can track everything.  We track a contractor’s organic rankings for their most valuable searches, we track in real-time their leads and sales.  We use all of this to help our clients understand the impact that we are having through our SEO efforts.

Does JPI have a good reputation related to SEO?

We do.  We will even provide you with some contractors with whom you can speak to about our SEO services.  In July of 2021 JPI was named by as one of the top SEO Agencies in Chicago (although we work with contractors from all over).


Contractor SEO that works!

You can outrank your competitors for the most valuable searches.

We can do it organically.  Without the need for PPC ads.


Your SEO services involve technical analysis looking for opportunities to make improvements to your rankings

Onsite Analysis

Your website is reviewed to many factors affecting SEO


We don't analyze without first researching and determining the most valuable searches for your business

Competitor Analysis

We need to know how you rank vs your competitors for the most valuable searches


We are constantly reviewing metrics in your custom dashboard. We leverage the actionable data

Constant improvements

We are always looking for opportunities

Local Searches

We understand what needs to be done to target people in your area

The Most Valuable Searches

Using data we identify and target the searches that matter