Contractor Marketing

We Help Contractors Generate More Leads

We use data to improve our clients’ marketing results.

We assemble all of the data related to your business from numerous sources and display it in your Marketing Dashboard.  This allows us (and you) to be able to visualize the key data so that we can make intelligent marketing decisions and so that you can make smart business decisions.

JPI Data Dashboard

Your dashboard includes data from Google Analytics, Google impressions data, Google clicks data, Houzz, website calls-to-actions, lead tracking, sales tracking.  All data is presented in various formats including tables, graphs, charts, etc.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Having access to all of your data allows us to create a marketing strategy that is data-driven.  This allows us to prioritize tactics and focus on marketing channels that drive measurable successes.

Accelerated Results

We apply growth hacking strategies which are based on dozens of marketing experiments that we have completed so that you see results faster.  We know which tactics are more likely to generate positive results.

Let’s discuss how we can leverage your data!

Our data-driven approach and your data can have a positive impact on your business.

We use data for researching, prioritizing, and measuring your marketing.  This approach makes your marketing more efficient and more effective.  It also creates a long term strategy which is focused on organic exposure and increasing your inbound lead generation.

Generate More High-Quality Leads

As we use data in your dashboard to visualize the value of your various marketing channels and we optimize your channels you will see that the quality of the traffic to your website will increase.  You will receive more organic traffic which is more likely to convert into a lead.  Many of our clients, when they first come to us, are running online ads.  In every single instance, our clients are able to eliminate these ads saving them $3k to $10k per month (real numbers)!

Increase Your Sales

The quality of all leads are not the same.  That is why we need to focus on increasing your organic exposure.  The quality of traffic to your website will improve as we drive more people to your website, organically.  As your leads increase so will your sales.  This is because of the higher quality of the leads!  One of our clients increased their revenue in the first 2 weeks of 2019 surpassing all of their revenue in 2018!

Data Specifically for Contractors

This data helps us target people searching for your type of business, locally & organically.

We build each of our clients their own custom marketing dashboard.

Increase Organic Exposure – Google

We research the most important searches for your business.  We then optimize your existing site or build a new site that targets those searches.  This is one of the most overlooked strategies for contractors.  If you are not generating leads from your website then this is most likely the case for you.  We then take it to the next level by creating strategic calls-to-action which are measurable.  This allows us to optimize your lead conversions.  Paying for online ads is not the answer.  The quality of leads generated from organic traffic exceeds that of paid traffic.

seo for contractors organic google rankings
organic rankings by search
Increase Organic Exposure – Houzz

Just like Google, companies sometimes rely on paying for exposure on Houzz.  The problem these companies have is that paying does not generate enough exposure on Houzz to generate a consistent amount of leads.  We help contractors increase their organic exposure on Houzz.  We use actionable data from our dashboard to help companies rank high in their category for cities that matter to them.  Our best practices and dashboard have been developed from working with many contractors in many different categories.  You will generate more leads by ranking high!


Let’s take advantage of data!

Business intelligence, web analytics, marketing channel optimization.

Actionable data with real measurable, organic results.