Local SEO for Contractors

SEO for Contractors (It’s more than your Google Business Profile)

We have helped many contractors improve their exposure online.  We specialize in local search engine optimization for contractors.  Our Local SEO strategies and how we approach SEO are different than most agencies.  For example, we do not manage PPC ads for contractors.  We provide Local SEO services so our clients can eliminate their need for PPC ads.  How do we do this?  We use business intelligence to identify and target the most valuable searches for contractors.  These are the searches being done by people that have the intent to hire a contractor.  We create measurable results for our clients.  We even build a dashboard for each of our clients so they can see how we are doing.  This way, our SEO creates measurable results.


We focus on Local SEO by optimizing your Google and Bing Business Profiles.  That’s not all, though.


We also create a content strategy that allows us to systematically get you ranked for the most valuable local searches.  It works so effectively that we have eliminated PPC ads for 100% of our contractor clients.

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The first step that we take in your SEO is to assess your current situation.  We conduct your audit the old-fashioned way.  We look at everything affecting your SEO.


We conduct extensive research for our clients.  We use data from Google to investigate the most valuable local searches for you.  These are not the searches with the largest volumes of searches, but rather they are the ones being done by local people with the intent to hire a local contractor.

SEO Dashboard

We build a dashboard for each of our contractor clients.  They can access it 24/7/365.  We use the dashboard and the actionable data in it to improve their SEO results.  View a live dashboard here.

SEO Edits

We make edits based on the results of our audit.  We perform the edits in a prioritized way.  Initially, we complete the edits needed to correct issues which can improve SEO results.

Track Changes

We use our dashboard to track how edits and changes are improving results.  We then use this data to make further SEO improvements.

Make Improvements

Then we implement any changes to content that we have determined would improve your SEO results.  This usually improves your rankings for the most valuable searches.

We can help you reach people who are searching for contractors.

People do search Google with the intent to hire a contractor.  One of the first things that we do for our contractor clients is to conduct extensive research.  We identify the searches being done by people who have the intent to hire a contractor like you.

We believe in 100% transparency and creating measurable results.

You can see for yourself in your very own dashboard 24/7/365.

(These are real results from one of our contractor clients)

local seo dashboard for contractors

SEO Business Intelligence Dashboard for Contractors

Every contractor that we partner with receives a custom-built dashboard.  We believe in 100% transparency and in generating measurable results from our SEO services.  This can all be accessed in their dashboard.


As it relates to SEO, the core data revolves around the research that we do initially for each of our contractor clients.  We create a list of the most valuable searches.  These are the searches being done by people that have the intent to hire a contractor.  Once we have this list of searches that we are targeting with our SEO efforts, we collect our client’s organic rankings with Google for these.  We also collect the rankings for our client’s competitors.  We update the data daily.

How Contractors Rank vs Their Competitors

It is important, if you want to outrank your competitors, to understand how you rank vs your competitors.


This visualization, included in our contractor dashboards, allows our clients to easily see how they rank.  As we make SEO improvements our clients can see the results in realtime.


The vertical axis is “Covered Searches”.  This is the number of the searches that we are tracking for you that you show up.  If you do not show up for searches you have no chance of reaching people.   This is why it is our goal to achieve 100% coverage for our clients.

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local seo rankings for contractors

Your Rankings by Search

This section of your dashboard includes SEO data that is actionable.  This section shows the organic Google ranking for every search term that we have deemed to be the most valuable searches for your company.  It shows the rankings for your company as well as each of your competitors.


You can use this section to see how we are improving specific searches.


We use this actionable data to make further search engine optimization improvements.  We can even do this systematically and in a prioritized fashion.

Let’s outrank your competitors!