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We Leverage Data to Improve Organic SEO

Data-Driven SEO Services

Not all leads are created equal.  We apply our SEO strategy for companies so they can generate better leads.  We have the data to prove this.  We have honed our SEO strategy in a way that allows us to help our clients generate leads with higher average revenue.  Our process is fairly complex but here is the fundamentals:

  1. We research and identify the “most valuable searches” for each business.  These are the searches which are done by people who have the intent to hire a company like yours.  This is the facet that many companies ignore.
  2. We create your dashboard.  You have access 24/7/365.  In your dashboard we include several sections devoted to SEO.  We track your organic rankings for the most valuable searches.  We also track your competitors’ rankings for the same searches.  We even have a section which shows all of the rankings broken down by each of these “most valuable searches”.
  3. We then optimize your website and marketing so as to improve your organic rankings.
  4. We monitor changes and make prioritized improvements based on your business.  This provides for ongoing improvements.

Helping Companies Outrank Their Competitors

By tracking your competitors’ rankings in addition to yours we are able to take specific actions to improve your rankings for these most valuable searches.  The data in your dashboard is constantly updating.  This allows us to improve your rankings so that you outrank your competitors.  You can actually see the improvements.  Once you outrank your competitors we are not done.  We continue to make improvements so that you dominate the best searches.

Let’s discuss how we can help you leverage data to outrank your competitors!


    The Most Valuable Data

    Your organic ranking data is extremely important.  By combining your rankings with your competitors’ rankings we are able to create an ongoing competitive analysis for the most valuable searches.

    We include in your dashboard:

    1. The list of “most valuable searches”
    2. Your organic rankings for these searches
    3. Your competitors’ rankings for these searches

    SEO for Contractors

    Our specialty is helping contractors outrank their competitors.  We have worked with many different types of contractors including swimming pool and spa companies, home builders, architects, landscapers, cabinet dealers, kitchen designers, interior designers and more.  Learn more here.

    Local SEO for Contractors

    Here is our approach to Local SEO for contractors.  We identify and target, organically, the most valuable searches for your company.  These are the searches being done by people who have the intent to hire a local contractor.

    SEO for Groups of Contractors

    In addition to helping individual contractors we have created a system so that we can efficiently help organizations which have many contractors such as associations, franchise companies, manufacturers with dealers.  Your members’ dashboards can even be embedded into your website if you desire.

    ” We have been able to eliminate the need for PPC ads for all of our clients.
    Data has played a key role.”


    What our clients say

    We help construction-related companies leverage the power of data

    Data is no longer something that you can look at occasionally.  Our approach helps companies integrate data into their businesses.  This allows them to make smarter business decisions, save money, generate more leads, and become more efficient.

    We work with pool companies, cabinet dealers, kitchen and bath designers, custom home builders, landscapers, interior designers, architects, commercial general contractors, as well as any other construction or design-related companies.

    Let’s discuss how we can leverage your data!