SEO for Franchise Contractor, Dealers, Associations

We Can Help You Help Your Members

Our SEO Dashboards Can Be Used by Groups of Contractors

We have built tools which allow us to help groups of contractors.  Our dashboards allow the individual contractors to see how they rank organically vs their competitors for the most valuable searches.  Our system is designed in such a way that we can create a competitive market analysis for every one of your contractors.  This is done completely turnkey.  We do all of the work in setting up your contractors’ dashboard (see a working example below).  Your contractors’ dashboards can be accessed on our website or we can provide embed code for you to have the dashboards on your website.  We can also tailor our help to fit your needs.  This will help your contractors outrank their competitors.

Ideal SEO Strategy for:

  1. Franchise organizations for contractors or home services
  2. Contractor Associations 
  3. Manufacturers with dealers for home-related products or services
  4. Other groups with members who are contractors


Our data-driven approach and your data can have a positive impact on your business.

Your organization does better if your members do better.  We have created ways which make it easier to provide positive results for all of your members.  If marketing is just left to each of your members then many will struggle.  That is where we come in.  We help contractors leverage data to give them a competitive advantage over their competitors.  Our system allows us to provide turnkey services which require no effort by your members.  Help your members outrank their competitors and you will help them generate higher-quality leads.  Oh, and more revenue.

SEO Can Generate More High-Quality Leads

As we use data in your dashboard to visualize the value of your various marketing channels and we optimize your channels you will see that the quality of the traffic to your website will increase.  You will receive more organic traffic which is more likely to convert into a lead.  Many of our clients, when they first come to us, are running online ads.  In every single instance, our clients are able to eliminate these ads saving them $3k to $10k per month (real numbers)!

SEO Can Increase Your Sales

The quality of all leads are not the same.  That is why we need to focus on increasing your organic exposure.  The quality of traffic to your website will improve as we drive more people to your website, organically.  As your leads increase so will your sales.  This is because of the higher quality of the leads!  One of our clients increased their revenue in the first 2 weeks of 2019 surpassing all of their revenue in 2018!

Data Specifically for Contractors

Here is a working copy of a dashboard.  We can provide a version that updates and is accessible online or we can provide you with research which just includes static data.


The Help Section is customized based on your needs.







We use data to improve our clients’ SEO results.

seoWe build every client a marketing dashboard.  They have access to it 24/7/365.  We are totally transparent.  We include data from Google, lead and sales data and more.  When it comes to SEO we identify and target “the most valuable searches” for our clients.  In order to do this we research what people are searching for.  The trick is to identify the searches where the people have the intent of hiring a contractor.  Once these “most valuable searches” are determined we focus on ranking you high, organically, for these searches.  We do a competitor analysis of how you rank for these searches vs your competitors.  We incorporate data in your dashboard so you can see how you are improving.  We use this data on a keyword by keyword basis to make improvements.  We track everything in your dashboard.