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Our approach to data allows us to help our clients achieve various goals.

We do not just look at data as a measurement tool, but rather we use data from various sources in order to create actionable data.  The ability to create marketing results by using the data instead of just using the data to measure the results is key.

Dashboards & Consolidating Data

Many companies access various data in many different places.  You have your website analytics, lead data, sales data, revenue data, SEO data and more.  If you are having to access each of these in different places then it makes it difficult for you to be able to properly analyze the data.  It is our belief that all of you key data related to marketing should be in one central place.  This makes it easier to visual the data in ways that help your organization.  It is because of this philosophy that we create each of our clients their very own marketing dashboard.  We make it available to them 24/7/365.  This allows for 100% transparency for our clients.  This also allows us to evolve in the use of the data.  For example, our client, after seeing their dashboard, may realize that there is some data which could be very useful to them.  A perfect example of this is revenue data and marketing.  Often companies keep their revenue data and marketing data separate from each other.  What we like to do in our dashboards is to figure out how to pull in revenue data so we can assign the amount of revenue generated by each sale and what marketing channel generated the sale.  Now we can manipulate the data and create visualizations which allow our clients to see the sale amounts from their different marketing channels.  We can show them average sales amounts, sales for each channel and all of these can be filtered by whatever date range they are looking for.

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Franchise Organizations


” We have been able to eliminate the need for PPC ads for all of our clients.
Data has played a key role.”


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We help construction-related companies leverage the power of data

Data is no longer something that you can look at occasionally.  Our approach helps companies integrate data into their businesses.  This allows them to make smarter business decisions, save money, generate more leads, and become more efficient.

We work with pool companies, cabinet dealers, kitchen and bath designers, custom home builders, landscapers, interior designers, architects, commercial general contractors, as well as any other construction or design-related companies.

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