Data & Automation – Leverage for Marketing Success

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Data & Automation – Leverage for Marketing Success

Data is now the most valuable resource in the world.

It is, however, only valuable to your company if you can figure out how to extract the most value from your data.

It is All About the Data

It really is.  The problem for many companies is that they do not understand.  They use data that is “given to them”.  The best data will not just simply be given to you.  You need to be able to understand what it is and how to go out and get it.

We always evaluate data for all of our clients.

What data do they have?

What data do we need?

What data, if we had it, would allow us to create actions which would yield measurable results?

The last question is the tough one for most.  In most cases people are only thinking about how to use the data that is easy for them to acquire.

Automate or Else

If you are not willing to automate parts of your data then you are missing the boat.  Automation allows you to make improvements in your collection, storing, and visualization of your data.

We use lots of data especially when you consider that we build a dashboard for each of our clients.  We have lots of data that we need for each client.  We need to collect, store, and visualize it so that we can analyze and make improvements in their marketing.

We could never do all that we do for our clients if we did not automate various aspects of what we do.

For example, many of clients, when they first come to us are using Excel to track their leads.  They manually update a file.  We have created a way that makes it easier for our clients to collect, store and then visualize their lead data.  The best part is that most of it is done automatically.  The automation makes it easier for them to do.  It also makes our dashboards better as they contain real-time data.

Data First Then Automate

The best way to use automation is to first figure out what data you need.  Then automate.

If you just settle for the data that is given to you then you will be very limited.