Creating a Competitive Advantage Using Data

competitive advantage with data

Creating a Competitive Advantage Using Data

There is a way that you can create a competitive advantage for your company by leveraging data.

We have done this for many companies and it works.  Our clients have generated millions of dollars in sales from our strategy and tactics.  Plus, it has worked so well for them that we have been able to completely eliminate their PPC advertising saving them thousands of dollars each month.  One of our clients has saved over $500,000.  Another is saving $6,000 per month.  That, on top of their increased sales is making then way more profitable.  and we did it by leveraging data.

The Big Opportunity

The opportunity that we are talking about is “Dominating the Most Valuable Searches Online”.

For most companies, if you were to ask them “Do you dominate the most valuable searches for your company?”, they would be not telling the truth no matter how they answer this.  You really need to break down this question into two parts.  Part One – Are you dominating searches and Part Two – Most valuable searches.  The trick is to do both.  If you can do it then the results are amazing.  We have done it for many of our clients.

Forget PPC Ads

PPC ads have nothing to do with being able to do this.  We have completely eliminated PPC ads for 100% of our clients.  In fact, running PPC ads is what you do when you don’t know what to do.

Here Are Your Goals

  1. Dominate searches online
  2. Target the most valuable searches
  3. Do this organically (no ads)

Leveraging Data to Achieve Your Goals

Our approach has led us to using data in ways that most do not understand.  We have spent years developing strategies and tactics which use data and we have the data which proves how successful this has been.

First and foremost, you have to grasp data.

Data is more than Google Analytics.

You need to collect, store, visualize and analyze data.

You need to understand that your goal is not to measure.

Your goal is to use data to create actions.

Also, you need to be willing to do things outside-the-box.  Don’t just settle for data as it is given to you.  Go out and get the data that you want or need.  The task that we do when we are working with a new client is to do an exercise where we ask ourselves if we could have any data, which would allow us to achieve certain things, what would that data be?  Then when we are creating our dashboard for that client we know what we need to do.  Dashboards, that is another thing.  In most cases, you are not given data in ways that it is ready to visualize.  You must realize that you can take it a step further and create your own visualization.  Each of our clients receive a custom dashboard.

Dominating The Most Valuable Searches

The first thing that you need to do is to determine what your most valuable searches are.  They are certainly NOT related to single “keywords” that you can target with PPC ads.  The most valuable searches are those which, when done, are done by people who have the intention of becoming your customer.  They may not know of your company but they are looking for a company that does what you do.

The next step is optimizing things that you need to do in order to dominate the search results organically.

Your biggest opportunity is most likely Google searches.

Your competition is not doing this.

You can.