A Way to Combat Rising Cost of PPC Ads (eliminate them)

eliminate ppc ads

A Way to Combat Rising Cost of PPC Ads (eliminate them)

If you are running PPC ads then you probably have 2 major issues:

  1. The rising cost for PPC ads
  2. The poor quality of the leads generated from them

We have a way to fix both of these issues.

Our strategy has worked for 100% of our clients.

It has completely eliminated the need for PPC ads.

It has improved the quality of the leads that our clients are generating.

Our Strategy to Eliminate the Need for PPC Ads

The strategy that we have developed and used for all of our clients is customized based on each client’s business.

The main focus is that we identify and target the most valuable searches for them.  We do this organically.

Overtime we use data to analyze their various marketing channels so we can optimize their organic exposure in each.

The biggest component is related to Search Engines.  After all, this is where people go when they are looking for something.

Search Engines – Most Valuable Searches

This is the most important concept to grasp.  Understanding how to identify and target these searches is key.

So what are the Most Valuable Searches?  Well, for your business, these are the searches being done by people who have the intent to hire a company like yours.  Plain and simple.  If you can successfully identify the searches being done by people who have the intent to hire a company you are well on your way to eliminating your PPC ads.  Then you have to make sure that your website (or other marketing channel) is optimized organically so that you show up for these searches.

Here is how we do it:

We conduct extensive research for each of our clients.  We use data from Google when conducting our research.  This is the best data to use since they are the go-to search engine.  We look at the searches being done and determine which ones are the ones in which the user has the “intent” that aligns with your goals.  This is typically the intent of hiring a company or buying a product or service.

Then we do a competitive analysis for our client.  We track (ongoing) their organic rankings for these important searches.  We also track their competitors’ rankings for these searches as well.  We want to understand what we need to do in order to outrank all of their competitors.  By the way, our clients also have access to this data real-time in the dashboard that we build for them.  They can see how their rankings are improving.

The final step involves optimizing their website so they rank high for the desired searches.  This is not just a once-and-done approach, but rather a long term approach where we are constantly making improvements.  Our clients see constant improvements.  They can even see, in their dashboard, the improvements to the number of leads that they are generating as well as the quality of the leads.  We use revenue generated per sale as the KPI for the quality of the leads.

Want to Target the Most Valuable Searches for Your Business?

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