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About Our Company

We Are a Data-Driven Marketing Agency

JP Innovation is a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, IL.  We work with clients across North America.  We help them increase their inbound marketing results.  The primary goal, for most of our clients, is to increase the number of leads that they generate.

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How We Generate Success Using Data

Every one of our clients receives a JP Innovation Marketing Dashboard.  It is available to them 24/7/365.  We are totally transparent (we like our clients to see the results from our work).


We optimize all of our clients’ digital marketing so that they generate leads.  This is done completely organically (no ads).

data driven marketing agency

Our specialty is data-driven marketing for contractors.

Specific to Contractors


Our marketing services have been designed specifically for contractors.  The various growth hacking experiments that we have run have been for contractors.  Our dashboard has been developed specifically with contractors in mind.  We understand the complexities of researching and optimizing contractor websites to turn them into lead generation tools.

data driven marketing

What we do

We use data to make are clients’ marketing more efficient and effective.  We increase their organic exposure online to generate high-quality traffic to their websites and optimize the calls-to-action on their website to convert visitors into leads.  Our turnkey Organic Marketing Accelerator Program helps companies eliminate the need for paid ads.

data driven marketing

Contractor marketing

Our niche is helping construction-related companies generate more leads.  We do this without ads.  We apply our SEO best practices to target the most important search for our clients.  We apply growth hacking principles to their marketing to optimize their various marketing channels including Houzz.

data driven marketing

How we do it

How we achieve incredible results for our clients can be attributed to our use of data and growth hacking.  We have run numerous experiments over the years and measured the results.  We apply the successful marketing experiments to supercharge our clients’ marketing results.  Oh, and did we say that we focus on organic exposure with no ads?


What our clients say

We help construction-related companies leverage the power of data

Data is no longer something that you can look at occasionally.  Our approach helps companies integrate data into their businesses.  This allows them to make smarter business decisions, save money, generate more leads, and become more efficient.

We work with pool companies, cabinet dealers, kitchen and bath designers, custom home builders, landscapers, interior designers, architects, commercial general contractors, as well as any other construction or design-related companies.

Let’s discuss how we can leverage your data!