Case Study – UAG Pool Company

$91,000 More per Sale From Website Leads

How We Helped This Pool Company:


When this pool company first contacted us their website did not rank well for searches.  They were spending about $7,000 per month on PPC ads.  They wanted us to help them increase the quality of their leads and increase their dominance in their market online.

What we did:

We identified the most valuable searches for their business and targeted these organically with our turnkey SEO services.  You can see their actual live rankings below.  They are the only pool builder in the US that shows up organically for 100% of their most valuable searches.  They now spend $0 for PPC ads.  We saved them over $500,000.  Do our SEO services have an impact on their business?  In 2022 their website leads generated an average of $91,000 more per sale than other leads (see dashboard below).  We are helping them dominate the most valuable searches which increases the quality of their leads.

Here are some sections from their dashboard!

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Their Other Pool Services

For the section of their data dashboard above we have included the most valuable searches that we are using to target people who are looking to hire a pool builder.  This company also provides pool remodeling, pool renovations, pool cleaning, and pool service for their customers.  We categorize their searches so we can better track them as well as make improvements in their rankings on Google.  Here are screenshots for their other services.

pool remodeling results

Pool Remodeling

pool renovations

Pool Renovations

pool cleaning

Pool Cleaning

pool service

Pool Service