Transforming Marketing For Contractors

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Transforming Marketing For Contractors

We are not your typical marketing agency.  We are certainly not an advertising agency.

In this article we will explain what makes JP Innovation unique and how this is transforming marketing for contractors.

A New Way of Marketing

Our marketing services for our contractor clients yield incredible results.  Measurable results.  That’s right.  everything that we do is measurable.  We build each and every one of our clients their own dashboard.  Their dashboard is the visible change to their marketing.  In the past they might have received an occasional Google Analytics Report but they never had access to a dashboard 24/7/365.  More about our dashboards in a minute.

For many reasons our clients improve their profitability.  One of the ways is by having us eliminate their need for PPC ads.  We have done this for 100% of our clients.  One of our clients has even saved over $500k.  Certainly not using PPC ads helps make us unique but really it is more about the “why we can eliminate PPC ads”.  Anyone can simply shut off their PPC ads.  For many contractors, if you did that, it will kill the traffic to their website.  We use data to help increase our clients’ rankings by identifying and optimizing their websites to show up for the most important searches for their business.  We increase their leads.  Organically.  This organic traffic leads to higher quality leads.  Higher quality leads means higher revenue per sale.  It’s true.  We can show you the data.  Just ask.

It’s The Data

Data is now the most valuable resource in the world.  It’s true.  But data does not just create this value by itself.  It needs to be visualized so that one can extract the most value from the data.  For contractors you have data out there.  Data is more that just Google Analytics.  In some cases with some data, we had to develop ways to collect, store, and visualize the data in ways that brings value to our clients.  We have done this specifically with data.  There is some data that Houzz does not provide you with.  It is probably the most valuable data and they do not give it to you.  Why?  Namely because they do not want you to understand the data.  They want you to advertise.  All of our clients have eliminated paying Houzz and rather we help them embrace the data.  By the way, the Houzz data that we are talking about is our client’s organic rankings on Houzz.

Our Client Dashboards

Each of our clients receives a dashboard.  They have access to it 24/7/365.  We never send out Google Analytics Reports to our clients.  I know that many SEO companies do that.  We don’t have to because we have all of that data and more in a much each to view format – our dashboard.  What data we include in each client dashboard varies from client to client.  We always include data from Google, Houzz, as well as lead and sales data from our clients.  Before building their dashboard we analyze what data they have, what data we need, and determine what would be the most valuable visualizations for us.  Then we build.  Originally we built our client dashboards just for us.  We can leverage very specific data in order to improve their marketing results.  Then, at one point, we decided to start sharing the dashboards with our clients.  They love them!  Don’t tell them that they are really for us!

Want to see a client dashboard?  Click here:

Identifying & Targeting The Most Valuable Searches

One of the most important aspects to our Data-Driven Marketing Strategies for Contractors is to determine the “most valuable searches” for a client.  These searches are the ones which will be more likely to convert to a lead and eventually a sale.  Once we determine these searches we then optimize whatever needs to be optimized.  Your website.  Your Houzz profile.  Etc.  This is the most important part of our process.  If we get it right you will generate lots of great leads.  It means you will dominate the searches with the search engines without having to pay for PPC ads.  Btw, we have eliminated PPC ads for 100% of our clients.  One of our contractor clients has saved over $500,000!

Availability for Contractors

Our turnkey services are available to contractors.  Our program is ideally suited for those contractors who spend money on PPC ads, as we have a 100% success rate in eliminated the need for PPC ads for our clients.

If you want to create change and take advantage of data to outrank your competition and see amazing results you can contact us here:

Everything will be measurable and you will love the results!