Sales Forecasting Tool Added to Our Client Dashboards

sales forecasting

Sales Forecasting Tool Added to Our Client Dashboards

We recently added a sales forecasting tool to our client dashboards.  Now our clients have access to this fantastic tool 24/7/365.

They no longer have to wait for their salespeople to create a monthly report.

In fact, with our system, we eliminate the need for creating any reports.

You always have access to your data in your dashboard.

There are many different options with our sales forecasting tool.

View a line graph with this year actual revenue displayed.  It also includes a line showing the projected sales amount.

Here is how it looks:

sales forecasting

We can even include another line to show last year’s sales.

We even break down the sales into monthly amounts for actual sales and the forecast.  The actual numbers are automated.

Here is how the monthly breakdown looks:

monthly sales forecast

We can also add other metrics to the monthly break down.  In this example we have included our client’s average sale amount and the number of sales.  As you can see, if you turn on either, it displays them for each month:

monthly forecasting tool

Here is the “Average Sale Amount” displayed:

average sale forecasting