Outranking Your Competition (& Eliminate your Need for PPC Ads)

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Outranking Your Competition (& Eliminate your Need for PPC Ads)

We have eliminated the need for 100% of our clients to run PPC ads.  True.

We have saved a pool and spa builder over $500,000.  True.

The way that you can do this is by outranking your competition in the search engines.

Most companies do not understand how to do this so they fall prey to the idea that PPC ads are a good thing and will generate exposure and leads for them.

That is the wrong approach.

Traffic that you receive from organic exposure in the search engines generates higher-quality leads.  Higher-quality leads generate better and more profitable sales.

Effective & Measurable

Our strategy has worked extremely well for pool and spa companies.

We have helped all of our pool and spa clients generate more, higher-quality leads and have eliminated the need for PPC ads for 100% of our clients.  In 2020 we were approved as a vendor for the US, Canada, and Australia by the United Aqua Group.


Here are a couple screenshots from one of our pool builder client’s dashboard (more about the dashboard in a minute): (click to view)

Leads From Website (Organic vs Paid)

Quality of Leads (Sales Revenue per Sale)

Here is what we do in our data-driven digital marketing strategy:

  1. Use data for everything.
  2. Identify the most valuable searches.
  3. Optimize for these searches.
  4. Monitor rankings including for competition.
  5. Make improvements.

Use Data for Everything

In order to achieve the best results, you need to use good data to assist you.  This includes using data to make smart decisions.  We saw that data was extremely important and we developed ways to leverage data in this process to help our pool and spa clients achieve better results.

In working with pool and spa companies we decided to create a dashboard that we could use for each of our clients.  Each one is customized for each client.  We use the data in the dashboard to help our clients and we provide access for our clients.  They can access their dashboard 24/7/365.  This allows for 100% transparency.

Identify the Most Valuable Searches

So you want to rank high for searches.  The first step is to identify the searches that you would like to rank high for.  What we do is to identify the most valuable searches for our clients.  When we are researching this we use data from Google.  (Who knows what people are searching for better than them!)  Our goal is to come up with a list of searches to target which are the “most valuable”.  In our minds, most valuable means the searches which are likely to be done by people on Google which will be done by people who are most likely to become a lead and ultimately a sale.  We have been working with pool and spa companies for more than 10 years so we have put together a list of these long tail searches already.  We have tested this with more than 1 pool and spa company and it works for different geographic areas.

This is very different than how people think about “keywords” for PPC ads.  Typically people try to target shorter terms such as “pools” or “spas”.  That is not what we do.  We identify and target the more valuable search terms and optimize a company’s website to show up for those phrases.

Optimize for These Searches

Once we identify the valuable searches we then modify our client’s website so that they rank high for these searches.  We cannot explain the entire process here but our tactics are based on what the search engines want to see.  Again, our strategy has been developed over the last 10 years and it works measurably.  We do not simply “hope” that our clients will rank high.  We take very specific actions to make it happen.

Monitor Rankings (Including Competition)

In order to make our process achieve the best results, we need to monitor the rankings that our clients are achieving with Google organically.  We have included data visualizations in our client dashboards that allow us to see how our client currently ranks for each and every of the most valuable search terms.  To take it a step further we include rankings for our clients’ competition as well.  This allows us to make constant improvements and allows us to efficiently measure what we are doing.  This eliminates us having to manually do searches to check things.

Make Improvements

The process of SEO (search engine optimization), if done right, requires constant improvements.  What we do is to run various experiments and analyze the results.  If we see that a particular change yields positive results we can then implement these changes sitewide for our clients.  In order to do this we need the data – the organic rankings with Google.  This is done over and over again by us.  The search engines are constantly making changes and the results for searches is constantly changing.  We monitor, make changes, monitor, implement over and over again.  Data is key.

Let Us Show You

The best way for us to explain this in more detail is to show you a client dashboard and explain it to you.  This way you can see that what we do is generating amazing results for pool and spa companies and you can understand that what we do is very measurable.

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