Know How You Rank Against Your Local Competitors in Google Searches

rank vs competitors in google searches

Know How You Rank Against Your Local Competitors in Google Searches

Your business needs to outrank your competition in Google searches.

You, especially, need to outrank them for the most valuable local searches, organically.

For many companies, this presents a few problems:

  1. You do not know what the most valuable local searches are.
  2. You do not have a simple way to track your progress.
  3. You do not have a way of monitoring your competitors.

With our new Local Searches Dashboard all of these problems are a thing of the past.

We leverage data and technology to provide this turnkey solution.

Here’s how!

Determining Most Valuable Local Searches

With a little input from you we research what the most valuable searches are for your business.  Notice that we say “valuable”.  There are many, probably myriads for you, of searches that people could do related to your business.  The most valuable searches are the ones, when done, are more likely to culminate in traffic to your website that is interested in what you do.  They are looking to hire a company like yours.  By the way, the data that we use to do the searches is from Google.  What better data to use.  Then we determine how to target specific cities.  What we end up with is a list of the searches (limited to 50 but can be upgraded for more).  We provide this list to you.  We also incorporate these “keywords” into your dashboard.

Your Most Valuable Local Searches Dashboard

Once we have your list we build your dashboard.  The dashboard is available to your 24/7/365.  You can even share it with your entire team.  There is no extra charge for having access for multiple people.

What your dashboard contains:

Most Valuable Searches Organic Rankings

This section in your dashboard contains 3 tables:

  1. Keyword Coverage – it provides the number of keywords that you rank organically for.  It also includes this data for your competitors (up to 10).
  2. Average Organic Rank – it provides your average organic rank, in Google, for the specified list of local keywords.
  3. List of Ranks Broken down By Keyword – it shows you the URL from your website, which ranks, organically, for each keyword.  It also includes the rankings for each of your competitors.  It also shows when their is a change to the rankings.  The data is this table can even be sorted in many different ways by you with a simple click of your mouse.  You can even select which of your competitors you want to compare your against with a dropdown selector.

Here is a screenshot:

rank vs competitors

Easy to Understand Google Analytics Data

We even include a very simple to understand section highlighting important data from Google Analytics.

Here is a screenshot of the Google Analytics Data:

google analytics

Other Features:

# of Keywords include 50 (can be upgraded)

# of competitors 10

Simple sharing with our members of your team (no extra charge for additional users).

Your report is embeddable (as an iframe).

You can download your dashboard as a PDF with options to password protect it.

Additional data can be added to your dashboard.  What data?  Tell us what you would like to do!


Get Your Dashboard Now!

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