Identifying & Targeting The Most Valuable Searches for Your Business

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Identifying & Targeting The Most Valuable Searches for Your Business

Being able to efficiently identify the most valuable searches online for your business as well as being able to target these searches effectively are important aspects of a marketing strategy.  Many companies do not use their resources efficiently and often resort to using PPC ads to “try” and reach people searching online.

Within our data-driven marketing strategies we have an approach that works great for our clients.  It helps them generate leads from their desired consumers online and is very cost-effective.  In fact, 100% of our clients spend $0 for PPC ads.

In this article I will explain our approach to targeting people online.

In this article we refer to “Our Dashboard”.  This is our client dashboard that we create for each of our clients.  It allows us to easily visualize various data which we have determined to be valuable.

Review Data – Analyze Marketing Channels

Before we work on targeting people for our clients we need to do some background work.  This includes building our client dashboard for the client as well as performing research for them.  In order to build their dashboard we need to understand what their existing marketing channels are so we can build in the appropriate data.  Once we have the various marketing channels determined we look at what data would help us.  We then determine how we will be able to assemble and store the data.  Once all data is incorporated into the dashboard we can finish analyzing the marketing channels.

Each Channel is Unique

Every marketing channel is unique and therefore the best way to organically target people varies.  This is why we look at each one and determine the best way to approach targeting people.  A channel may include “search results”.  A perfect example is Google.  On Google people can perform searches and review the results.  This is the primary functionality.  It is after all, a search engine.  Then if we look at we can see that they have different types of search results.  These are quite different than Google.  One most determine the best way to organically target searches on whatever the channel is and how it works.  You simply need to have a thorough understanding of how the search results are determined.

Paying for Exposure vs Organic

We have analyzed PPC ads and organic results and by far, organic results yield the best results.  The problem that most companies have is that they do not understand how to target people organically so they just pay for ads.  Many of them think that paying for ads will yield them the same results.  Well, it will not.

Keywords vs Search Terms

There is no magic to “keywords”.  Keywords are how you target people with ads.  We do not use “keywords”.  SEO is not simply putting keywords on a page of your website.  What we do is to research the best possible “search terms” for a business.  These are not usually single words but rather multiple words.  It could be 4 or 5 words!  Certainly, there are many important “keywords” related to your business but if you are trying to target people based on these “keywords” you will have bad results.  You have to understand the most valuable search terms.  The most valuable search terms for your business are search phrases which are searched by people.  People who are more likely to become your customer.

Search Engines

For the vast majority of businesses the search engines, primarily Google, should be your source for many leads.  Targeting people organically, if done properly, will generate high-quality leads and will be your source which generates the highest number of leads.

The trick is to target the correct searches and to do it in the right way.

Targeting people organically on Google will lead to higher-quality results.

Search Engines – Identifying Searches

When we are working with a client we do research to identify the most valuable searches for their business.  We use various tools but the thing that all of these tools have in common is that fact that the data is from Google.  Who knows better about the searches than Google?  Once we come up with the various search terms we then have to come up with a plan to target those searches.

Search Engines – Targeting Searches

This is the most time-intensive part in the process.  We setup the content on a clients site so that pages have the likelihood of showing up high, organically for the desired searches.  It is not a once-and-done process.  We devote time each month into analyzing, experimenting and tracking the results.  For example, we may try two different approaches for two different pages.  If, after re-indexing, the rankings improve for one experiment we then implement the changes for other pages.  By doing this over and over again we are able to make improvements that get better rankings for our clients.

Other Channels

We perform an analysis for each marketing channel.  If the channel has search rankings then we strive to understand how they are ranked organically.

Are there specific things that we can do to change the results?

Is there data that tells us what we can do?  If there is then we need to figure out how we can collect, store, and present the data in our client dashboards so that we can make improvements and our clients can see what needs to be done in addition to how they currently rank.

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