Contractor Marketing That Works

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Contractor Marketing That Works

We specialize in helping contractors improve their marketing so they can generate more leads and sales.

We do this in a way that helps them improve their profitability.

Data-Driven and Measurable Results

All of our clients receive a custom-built dashboard.  We use their dashboard and the data within it to improve their marketing results.  Our strategies have successfully helped these contractors:

  • Generate more leads
  • Dominate search results
  • Generate sales with higher average revenue
  • Eliminate their need for PPC ads

If I just told you these things then you would, perhaps, think that we are being overly optimistic.  By having our client dashboards we can actually show you the results that we have achieved for our contractor clients.  Our clients can see the data 24/7/365.  Our dashboards don’t create additional “work” for anyone.  It gives our clients one central place, instead of many, where they can go and see how their marketing is working.  For us, it is a key tool that we can use to generate results.

Example of Results for Contractors

One example is a Chicago contractor.  The leads from their website generate sales with the highest average revenue.

Their website leads average $189k per sale.

Their average revenue per sale is $180k.

Their average revenue per sale from referrals is $168k.

Website leads average $20k more per sale vs referrals.

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How We Did This For Them

We helped increase their exposure organically.  In fact, we helped them totally eliminate their PPC ads.  They use to spend $6-$7k per month on PPC ads.  Now they spend $0.  They have saved over $500k since partnering with us.

Here is our strategy and how we implemented it for them and other contractors.

I am going to explain the major component to our strategy.  I will not go into all of the details of our tactics.

Increasing a Contractor’s Exposure

Identifying The Most Valuable Searches

This is the first step in our process.  It is often overlooked by companies and that is a huge mistake.  You have to understand what searches you need to target.  What we do is to perform research in order to determine the “most valuable searches” for each client.  Let me define “most valuable searches”.  The most valuable searches for a contractor are the searches being done by people who are looking to hire a contractor.  It is not the searches which will necessarily yield the highest volume of searches.  We do not care about volume.  We care about quality.

Once we have our list of searches we move on to competitors.

Identifying Your Competitors

We always ask our clients who they believe their competitors to be.  We review their presence online and we also perform searches based on our list of most valuable searches.  We look for any companies that show up for searches which may not be on the list provided by our client.  We typically will track up to 10 competitors.

Yes, I said Track

Now that we have:

  • Our list of the most valuable searches
  • Our list of competitors

We set this data up in our system.  In order for us to monitor searches and make improvements we need to know how our client ranks with Google for these searches.  Since we want to outrank our competitors for these searches we track their ranks as well.  We add all of this data to our client’s dashboard.

We add 3 sections to the dashboard.

  1. A visualization showing how our client compares to their competitors based on 2 metrics – # of covered searches and their average rank on Google.
  2. We include an interactive table which includes all competitors and our client.  We provide the data for the # of covered searches, their average rank as well as overall growth.  We also include growth data for each metric.
  3. We include another interactive table.  This one includes all companies.  It includes each company’s rank for each search.  It also includes the specific URL that ranks for each search.  We have many filters that allow us to select the specific data that we need.  For example, we can show all of the searches for which our client does not rank.  We use this data to create results.

Real Measurable Results

Let’s look at the data for the contractor that we already mentioned.

For them, we are tracking 45 different searches (their most valuable searches).

They show up, organically, for 44 of the 45 searches (97%).

Their average rank on Google is 3.68.

Their closest competitor on shows up for 36 searches (79%) and has an average rank of 8.56.

Results for Many Contractors

We have helped many different types of contractors achieve amazing results.  In fact, we have helped 100% of our clients eliminate their need for PPC ads while increasing their sales.  We just started working with a new custom home builder.  1 month ago they showed up for 2 out of 28 searches.  Now they show up for 26 of the 28 searches.  They never really generated actual leads from their website.  In fact, they told us that 100% of their sales came from referrals.  They were totally missing out on generating the highest quality leads.