3 Things That You Can Do to Increase Your Revenue Per Sale

increase revenue per sale

3 Things That You Can Do to Increase Your Revenue Per Sale

In this article I will be explaining 3 things that you can do to help you increase your average revenue per sale.  Before I jump into the 3 things I will tell you that we use these 3 things everyday to improve our clients’ marketing results.  In fact, I will start out by showing you some real results that our clients have been able to achieve.  What we are looking at, in the data, is the revenue per sale for leads which came from the web versus those leads which came from other sources such as referrals and other sources.

A Note About Ads:  you may notice that we do not mention ads or advertising in any of our comparisons.  This is for the simple reason that our clients do not need to run ads.  Our approach allows them to increase their exposure organically thereby eliminating the need for ads.

Client #1 (United Aqua Group Pool Builder):

This pool builder has saved over $500,000 by working with us.  They no longer pay for PPC ads.

Web Revenue Per Sale Non-Web Revenue Per Sale Web vs Non-Web
$137,171 $127,749 7.3% Increase

Client #2 (United Aqua Group Pool Builder):

This client has saved over $100,000 in advertising costs.  (They no longer need ads).

Web Revenue Per Sale  Non-Web Revenue Per Sale Web vs Non-Web Builder Revenue Per Sale Web vs Builder
$61,502 $56,812 8.25% Increase $36,928 66.54% Increase

You can see that the differences are significant.

Now let’s look at the 3 things.

#1 Embrace Data

In order to achieve results like those that we help our clients achieve you really need to embrace data.  Let’s look at what we refer to as “Embracing data”.  If you are collecting, visualizing, and analyzing your data in ways that allow your company to benefit from the data from multiple sources then you are “Embracing data”.  Simply checking your Google Analytics account or report periodically is not enough.  You need to look at all data which will help you achieve better marketing results.  For example, in our case with our clients, we use data from Google, lead data, sales data, Houzz, search results, social media and more.  We pull all of the data into one central dashboard and have created visualizations which all us to not only measure results, but also to help us create positive results.

Think of this:

If you could have any data that would be actionable and allow you to improve your marketing results what would it be?

Once you understand this and STOP thinking of data as just a measuring device then you will be on your way to benefiting from data.

# 2 Improve Your Organic Exposure Online

We use our clients’ dashboards to help us optimize all of their marketing channels.  Data can help you determine which marketing channels need improvements and sometimes even provide information about what needs to be done.  I could have easily just mentioned SEO (search engine optimization) but in reality it is inclusive of way more than that.  SEO is certainly the biggest opportunity for most companies.  Knowing this you need to devote much time and energy to improve your SEO results – namely, driving quality traffic to your website.  We do this by identifying and targeting the most important search terms for your business.  We do not think in terms of “Keywords” and neither should you.  (We will explain more in the next section).  Paramount to increasing your online exposure organically is having a data dashboard that brings in all of the requisite data and allows for visualization.

#3 Decrease Ads

Our goal, when working with our clients, is to help them generate more sales.  This is achieved by increasing the number of leads that they generate.  Improving the quality of their leads allows for increased revenue per sale.  As the quality of the leads increases so does the revenue.  This is not just conjecture but based on our experiences in working with our clients.  We have seen that ads tend to generate lower quality leads for contractors.

We have eliminated 100% of our clients’ need for ads.

We don’t run ads for clients.

We don’t need to.

They are thrilled once we eliminate their need for ads!

The added bonus that they receive from improved organic exposure is Higher Revenue Per Sale!


If you can identify and target the most valuable searches for your business organically then your company will see an improvement in the quality of your leads.  These leads will, in turn, generate higher revenue per sale.

This can all be done.

Without ads.

In order to understand how to do this you really need to understand and use data.  Steps 1 and 2 are vital.  Step 3 can happen if you want.

If you are a United Aqua Group Pool Builder learn more here.