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Marketing based on Growth Hacking with a proven track record of achieving results.

“Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hacking team is marketers, developers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business in every part of marketing funnel that is separated in 5 part: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral. in the other word, Growth hacking is rapid optimization of a customer process.”

Definition from wikipedia

Growth Hacking For Your Business

When we work with clients we do not think that we have to reinvent the wheel for every client.  Rather, what we do is to leverage the various marketing experiments that we have conducted over the years.  This allows our clients to achieve better, faster marketing results.

Our growth hacking tactics vary depending on what your business does.  If you are a construction-related company vs. a retailer with 4 different locations, we can use different channels and tactics that have already succeeded in our previous experiments.

Growth Hacking for Construction-Related Companies

If you have, or should have, a Houzz profile we can really help you.  We’ve worked with many construction-related clients including architects, builders, interior designers, landscapers, and cabinet dealers to name a few.

We can leverage the channels and tactics in ways that others have not even thought about.  Plus we have conducted numerous “experiments” which has allowed us to determine what works best.

We can help you dominate search engines for important searches for your business.

We can help you dominate “local searches”.

We can help you dominate Houzz.

We can optimize your marketing so that you are not wasting money or time.

We’ll help you generate more leads and sales!

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Here is an example of one of our construction-related Growth Hacking clients.

This client is a luxury pool builder.  We started working with them in 2012.  We still work with them to this day.  Over the years we have conducted numerous experiments and have increased those marketing tactics which yield results.  We have also minimized our efforts related those channels which have not yielded good results.

Has our Growth Hacking helped them?

Since 2012 we’ve helped them:

Generate over 1,200 leads from digital marketing

We helped them reduce online ad spend from $10k /month to $0

We’ve helped them dominate Houzz
– they are ranked #1 for over 100 cities

We’ve helped them dominate important Google searches (organically)

As of May 14, 2018

They have had a 57% increase in the # of leads
YTD 2018 vs. same period of 2017

They have had a 183% increase in the number of sales

YTD 2018 vs. same period 2017

Here is what they have to say:

“We started working with Jim many years ago, and quite frankly he has transformed our business. Jim is a knowledgeable, forward-thinking professional that always helps us think differently about our marketing. In fact, I hesitate to even write this recommendation as we risk divulging our secret weapon. I would give Jim our highest recommendation for anyone that isn’t in our industry.”

Satisfied Growth Hacking Client