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Listen to What a Client Has to Say About Working with Us

“We started working with JPI many years ago, and quite frankly they have transformed our business. The JPI team members are knowledgeable, forward-thinking professionals that always helps us think differently about our marketing. In fact, I hesitate to even write this recommendation as we risk divulging our secret weapon.”


Highest marketing ROI achieved by one of our clients (home builder)

All results listed are actual results that we have achieved for our clients.
We can’t guarantee these results that but we will do our best!


Houzz success

Percentage of our clients who see vast improvements in leads generated from Houzz, organically.


Lead generation

Percentage of our clients who generate more leads on their websites from optimization with search engines and calls-to-actions.


Google success

Percentage of our clients who see improvements in their rankings on Google for important searches.


Eliminate ads

Percentage of our clients that we eliminate the need for online ads.  Not all new clients are running ads – that’s why it is not 100%.

We see the value of data

The trick is to be able to access your data in a way that is not too time consuming.  Most contractors would agree that having access to data, and especially actionable data, would allow for improved marketing results.


We saw the need for our clients years ago.  We started figuring out what data was important.  We have been creating dashboards for all of our clients and the results have been amazing.  In order to get the most out of your data you have to realize that data is not just for measuring results, but if the proper data is collected and analyzed, it can be used to create incredible organic marketing results.  That is what we do!


We’ve developed a way for contractors to get even more out of data.  We have run numerous growth hacking experiments and measured the results. 

We can apply the results to your business!

Big data: explosion provides marketing opportunities

Big data explosion reveals best practices

Generate high-quality leads

High return on investment

Turnkey with marketing dashboard

data for contractors

What our clients say


We help our clients generate leads.

In order for companies to generate more leads all of their marketing tactics and channels need to be optimized.  By using their data we are able to do just that.  Some of our clients have seen increases in leads as high as 400% vs. previous years.


We are completely transparent.

All of our clients have 24/7/365 access to their marketing dashboard.  This allows them to see how things are improving.  Some data in their dashboards even helps them save money and allows them to make smart business decisions.


Your data is more valuable when we track leads & sales.

Knowing the source for all of your leads helps in determining your best marketing channels.  It also helps us determine which marketing channels need optimization.

Contractor Digital Marketing

Data-driven marketing for contractors is our specialty.  Over the years we’ve run many growth-hacking experiments for contractors and we can apply what we’ve learned from analyzing the data to your business.  You’ll achieve amazing results and you will have access to our Contractor’s Marketing Dashboard 24/7/365. 

We’ve developed our Organic Marketing Accelerator Program specifically for contractors.

About our Organic Marketing Accelerator Program
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