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What marketing opportunities can you leverage?

We can help you identify and leverage a missed opportunity.

Enterprise Houzz Marketing..

We have a unique approach.

Learn more about Enterprise Houzz Marketing


Do you sell your products through dealers?

Do your dealers have profiles on Houzz.com?

Houzz.com is a great platform to reach people interested in remodeling and building new homes.  In fact, Houzz boasts a userbase of 40 million!

Now for your opportunity.

Manufacturers should be helping their dealers do better and reach more people on Houzz.  Why?  Because they will generate more leads and sales!  Now multiply this improvement by the number of dealers that you have!

Don’t let your dealers struggle with getting the most out of Houzz!

By the way, simply paying Houzz is not enough!  (Don’t tell Houzz)


Our services are tailored for each client and designed specifically based on the unique opportunities that exist for them and in ways that move the needle.

Unique Approaches

All businesses are unique and the solutions that we develop for them is also unique.  We do not simply apply a standard marketing approach for all situations.

Measurable Results

When putting a plan together for a client, all efforts that can be measured will and we often create tools that allow the client to see progress and results throughout.

Efficient Execution

Our plans makes it easy for people to achieve results while minimizing their efforts they are more likely to be able to execute effectively and with the desired results.

“We started working with Jim many years ago, and quite frankly he has transformed our business. Jim is a knowledgeable, forward-thinking professional that always helps us think differently about our marketing. In fact, I hesitate to even write this recommendation as we risk divulging our secret weapon. I would give Jim our highest recommendation for anyone that isn’t in our industry.”

Satisfied Client