Digital Marketing

We can help you develop, implement, and analyze your digital marketing strategy.

When we work with our clients we help them take advantage of various digital marketing strategies and tactics.  We always look for ways to incorporate measurement into what we do.  Data helps us analyze our results and sometimes data can create these results.

Digital Marketing

We help our clients benefit more from the marketing that helps them and we help them avoid marketing that hinders their results.

This prioritization helps us increase our results month after month and year after year.

Data Driven

We love data.

After we start working with new clients they too come to love data.

We help clients make intelligent marketing decisions based on data.  We even use data to help them understand the value of their traditional marketing.

Actionable Data

This, perhaps, is our biggest digital marketing weapon.

We strive to create actionable data which allows us to create incredible results for our clients.

Rather than just going through the motions, we set our sights on creating this actionable data which yields success.  This is very focused.

Here is an example:

Houzz Marketing

Whenever we work with clients who have Houzz profiles we strive to create actionable data which will help them succeed.  We always create an Organic Ranking Report for each client so that we can see how their profile ranks currently, organically.  This report also explains exactly what needs to be ranked #1 organically for every city that matters to them.

This is actionable data.

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“We started working with Jim many years ago, and quite frankly he has transformed our business. Jim is a knowledgeable, forward-thinking professional that always helps us think differently about our marketing. In fact, I hesitate to even write this recommendation as we risk divulging our secret weapon. I would give Jim our highest recommendation for anyone that isn’t in our industry.” Satisfied JPI Client